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Q: Game: Name as many vocaloids as u can without looking up anything! U can only use ur brain! Right here right now lets go!!! :D



hatsune miku



meiko meiku

meiko miku

hagane miku

miku miku shite ageru


Yuzuki Yukari


lenku and rinku

miku hatsune
miku hatsune with a moustache

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Josh Nermac



dental hygiene tip: brush your teeth like you’re about to go and make out with natalie dormer

fun fact: i got the idea to make this post while i was at work. i then thought about kissing natalie dormer, got distracted, and walked into a shelf in front of like three people

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Q: Mother Nature move over we have discovered the Queen of Spring!


Why thank you!

I was channeling an illustration I did. <3 

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"I know what it’s like to lose someone this time of the year…."
Excuse my horrible attempt at typing this out to make any sense(also httyd2spoilers)… 
Much like Hiccup, 7 years ago, I experienced the feeling of having a completed family and then losing it.  My older half-brother from my dad’s previous marriage had come into our home after over 10+ years of my father not seeing him, and for the first time, our family felt more whole. I had never seen my father so happy in his life. my older half-brother stayed with us for 3 years. 
Then he went back to stay at the abusive household that he escaped from to look after his sister, who had a child. We still kept in touch with him.
A year later, the phone call came….
When I saw the scene in the movie, it brought me back to that time, where you think the world around you is finally going right, but before you know it, life takes a sudden turn that you thought it would never take. Seeing that kind of moment in this movie was something that really hit home for me… it was able to understand and capture how I felt, and that is something I really appreciate…..

Rest in Peace, Daniel….. we miss you…. 

DIRE STRAIGHTS by Jehsee Anderson

Little Jack hugging little Hiccup :)






why test on animals when there are prisons full of rapists

because the prisons aren’t actually full of rapists

the rapists run free and the prisons are full of people charged with weed possession




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I find it so much easier to be creatively free at night. Daytime is for sleeping. Nighttime is the best time for making art. The later at night it gets the further into another world you go. Mark Ryden (via an-art-gallery)

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  • me: i'm gonna draw every day because i know that is the only way i can improve my art
  • me: *watches youtube, netflix, anime, and reads manga for months in bed*
  • me: i'm a piece of shit
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